Videos of Douglas Battista

Talent Acquisition Is Vital to Business, Says Douglas Battista

Douglas Battista, Jenny Craig’s President of North America Field Operations, had the opportunity to participate in an open dialogue at the 2011 Talent Acquisition Conference. During the conversation, this former Head of Talent Acquisition for Nestlé USA spoke about the benefits of teaming with a recruiting agency that has an established presence at home and abroad.

Douglas Battista Says South America Has it All

Travel enthusiast Douglas Battista sat down recently with Blogger Venue to talk about his favorite destinations.

Success Isn’t Easy | Douglas Battista Explains the Value of Hard Work

Growing up in southeastern Pennsylvania, Douglas Battista was taught the value of hard work by his father. Today, he is the President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig in Carlsbad, California. Douglas Battista says that his climb up the corporate ladder was not without bumps in the road, and believes that his father’s influence provided him the tools needed to focus on his goals.