Douglas Battista – Being Responsible Means Being Courageous

doug battistaOne of the most important principles of personal development is the idea that we have to take 100% responsibility for our lives. Responsibility is fairly simple, according to Douglas Battista. Follow a certain set of guidelines, in every action you do and you’ll be a very responsible person.- Responsibility means nothing if you don’t follow through on commitments.

– Never place the blame. Be courageous and take full accountability for the actions you have made, and never say that it is anyone else’s fault except your own.
– Don’t complain too much. Talking negatively about every interaction in your life won’t get you far, notes Douglas Battista. Sure, you can’t change the price of gas, but you’re certainly not the only one with this problem.

– Don’t use excuses. Similar to the above, in any situation there are always factors outside of our control. An irresponsible person insists these are the reasons a task failed, but what he or she is really doing is denying any responsibility. A responsible person admits the real reasons why he or she hasn’t accomplished something.

– Admit when you’ve made a mistake. According to Douglas Battista, accepting responsibility when you fail helps to prevent yourself from making the same mistake again in the future. It’s impossible to learn anything when we never admit we were wrong.

– Make sure people can count on you. If you borrow something from a friend, take good care of it. This demonstrates trustworthiness and shows you can be counted on when something bigger comes up. Being responsible also requires learning how to hold yourself together when things get tough, says Douglas Battista.

It’s important that we hold ourselves responsible for our actions, says Douglas Battista, since we are really the only ones in control of them.