Business Travel Tips Offered by Douglas Battista

Douglas BattistaDouglas Battista has traveled for work since he was in college. Over the years, the Jenny Craig executive has picked up a few ideas to make travel a little less like a chore. In this brief narrative, Battista outlines a few of his most trusted travel tricks.

Reduce germ exposure

Douglas Battista is keenly aware that air travel means coming into contact with all types of germs. He says one trick he uses to kill airborne germs before they enter his system is a simple swipe of bacitracin in the nostrils. Travel-sized hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are also a staple in Battista’s anti-germ arsenal.

Look like a local

Big city criminals know how to spot the odd man out, says Douglas Battista. Out-of-towners typically gather at “tourist trap” restaurants and are easy to spot by their city-themed attire. To avoid these snafus, save the souvenir gear until arrival at home and ask around for the best places to eat. Battista says keeping a local newspaper on-hand is an ingenious addition to an indigenous image.

Trick the time zones

Long distance travel can bring about jet lag – and that can turn a well-prepared presentation into a failed business meeting. According to Douglas Battista, travelers can start to move their internal clocks in the direction of their destination by resetting watches (and smart phones) a day ahead of time.

Know the hotel and surrounding area

It might seem like a no-brainer, but Douglas Battista says one of his biggest mistakes early on was not knowing the amenities available at his chosen hotels. Traveling means a loss of conveniences such as access to fitness equipment, good coffee, and healthy dining options. Knowing what is available at the hotel can help a traveler stay on track.