Q & A With Douglas Battista: Difficult Co-Workers

Douglas BattistaEveryone deals with difficult (or downright unpleasant) coworkers at some point during their career. Douglas Battista notes that these workplace jerks come in many different flavors, from the know-it-all to the breakroom coffee thief. But is there a right way to deal with less-than-friendly people at work?

Q: What is the best way to eliminate tension in the office?

Douglas Battista: That really depends on the source and whether or not their actions are simply part of their personality or fall into the category of abusive or indifferent. Sometimes, your best bet is to simply pull them aside and ask them what’s going on. They may not realize they’ve been dubbed the office Scrooge. Bringing their behaviors to their attention may be all it takes to ease the animosity.

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High Pay for High Expectations

Douglas BattistaWhy are senior employees paid so much more than their ground-level counterparts? According to Douglas Battista, it’s because when you reached the C-suite, you’ve amassed the amount of experience and education needed to keep a company on its feet. But what, exactly, do the chief officers do and how are they compensated?

Q: What is a chief officer?

Douglas Battista: A chief officer, which may be the CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO, or CITO among other important titles, is an individual responsible for the growth and development of the company. A CEO, for example, is put in place to organize the company’s leadership and to ensure that it is in compliance with all applicable laws and industry regulation. A CITO is the company’s chief information technology officer and shoulders the weight of responsibility for all computer systems and technology that support his or her company’s organizational goals.

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Douglas Battista: Fear Factor

Doug BattistaInvestors rely on many factors to help them make financial choices, says Douglas Battista. One of these is the CBOE Market Volatility Index (VIX), which is often simply referred to as the “fear gauge.” But what is it and how does it guide an investor’s decisions?

Q: What is the CBOE Market Volatility Index?

Douglas Battista: The VIX is simply a number that investors look at to determine the possible ups and downs of the stock market. You can think of it as a roller coaster where you can only see half of the ride. By looking at what the track has done, you can make a guess as to how the rest of the coaster looks. Of course, it is more complex than than that, and involves lots of precise calculations but the index is a tool investors can use to prepare for either a bumpy or smooth ride so to speak.

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Business Travel Tips Offered by Douglas Battista

Douglas BattistaDouglas Battista has traveled for work since he was in college. Over the years, the Jenny Craig executive has picked up a few ideas to make travel a little less like a chore. In this brief narrative, Battista outlines a few of his most trusted travel tricks.

Reduce germ exposure

Douglas Battista is keenly aware that air travel means coming into contact with all types of germs. He says one trick he uses to kill airborne germs before they enter his system is a simple swipe of bacitracin in the nostrils. Travel-sized hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are also a staple in Battista’s anti-germ arsenal.

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Q & A with Douglas Battista | Problem Resolution in the Workplace

Douglas BattistaModern conveniences like text messaging and email make it easier and faster to connect with co-workers, consultants, and remote employees. The unfortunate downside is that it is often more difficult to actually communicate what’s being said. Here, Douglas Battista answers questions about problem resolution in the workplace and explains when an email works and when it doesn’t.

Q: How can I communicate clearly to my co-workers when we’re trying to work through a problem?

Douglas Battista: In order to solve problems with another department, for example, you must first understand why a resolution is important in the first place. Take the time to sit down (in person) with the involved parties and get to know their perspectives on the issue. Ask them what their concerns are and really listen. A place of common ground is a considerably better place to begin, rather than facing off on opposing sides of an issue.

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Douglas Battista – Being Responsible Means Being Courageous

doug battistaOne of the most important principles of personal development is the idea that we have to take 100% responsibility for our lives. Responsibility is fairly simple, according to Douglas Battista. Follow a certain set of guidelines, in every action you do and you’ll be a very responsible person.- Responsibility means nothing if you don’t follow through on commitments.

– Never place the blame. Be courageous and take full accountability for the actions you have made, and never say that it is anyone else’s fault except your own.
– Don’t complain too much. Talking negatively about every interaction in your life won’t get you far, notes Douglas Battista. Sure, you can’t change the price of gas, but you’re certainly not the only one with this problem.

– Don’t use excuses. Similar to the above, in any situation there are always factors outside of our control. An irresponsible person insists these are the reasons a task failed, but what he or she is really doing is denying any responsibility. A responsible person admits the real reasons why he or she hasn’t accomplished something. Continue reading

Press / Media Mentions of Douglas Battista

Douglas Battista Discusses Value of HR During Turbulent Times

Escondido, California, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) May 23, 2012 — Douglas Battista has served in human resources in both good, and more difficult, economic times. As President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig’s North America business, a Nestlé company, Battista has learned the value that a skilled human resources staff can add to an organization.

Videos of Douglas Battista

Talent Acquisition Is Vital to Business, Says Douglas Battista

Douglas Battista, Jenny Craig’s President of North America Field Operations, had the opportunity to participate in an open dialogue at the 2011 Talent Acquisition Conference. During the conversation, this former Head of Talent Acquisition for Nestlé USA spoke about the benefits of teaming with a recruiting agency that has an established presence at home and abroad. Continue reading

Douglas Battista | Self Discipline Is Key to Success

Douglas Battista is no excuses individual who believes that hard work and self-discipline are undoubtedly precursors to achievement.

As the President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig (a Nestlé Company), Douglas Battista knows a thing or two about success. Growing up in an Italian-American family in working-class western Pennsylvania, Douglas Battista was taught at an early age that working hard and treating others with respect were simple things he could do to pave the way to long-term success. Here, Battista presents a list of Italian- Americans who found success by overcoming their personal obstacles.

Jim Valvano

Jim Valvano was a college basketball coach, most notably for North Carolina State, which he led to victory in the 1983 NCAA Championship series. He is revered as one of the most inspirational voices in sports history, says Douglas Battista. He was diagnosed with bone cancer ten months prior to his death but did not allow this disease to damper his spirits. Douglas Battista remarks that “Jimmy V’s” acceptance speech at the 1993 Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Awards Banquet is regarded one of the greatest sports speeches in American sports history. Jim Valvano was a true role model who stood strong in the face of adversity and has received numerous post-mortem honors, including an induction into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. Continue reading

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